Parks Capital Projects

The Parks Capital Projects Department is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure for park’s and other amenities.

The following details the projects currently under construction by the department:

·         Bride Valley Park – Upgrade of existing park.


·         St. Colmcille Road Allotments – Development of new allotments




·         Dr. Mary Hearn Park – New park development in the southern cemetery of St. Ann’s Church in Shandon.

The following are examples of projects completed by the department.

·         Banks of the Lee Walkway (Wyse’s Quay to the Lee Fields) – The development of a walkway that runs from the old distillery entrance at Wyse’s Quay running west adjacent to the River Lee (North Channel) through the old distillery site and then crossing the river to Mardyke Walk via the Mardyke Pedestrian Bridge.  The walkway continues on from Fitzgerald Park towards Wellington Bridge.  Passing by Wellington Bridge to the section of walkway to the rear of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart on to the Kingsley Pedestrian Bridge that links up with the riverside walk to the rear of the Kingsley Hotel until it reaches the Lee Fields.

·         Military Cemetery Park – New park development at the cemetery site in Assumption Road, Blackpool.


·         Fairfield – Upgrade of the existing path as well as the construction of new paths and providing a concrete plinth around the boundary.


Job Initiative Scheme

Cork City Council in association with FÁS operate the Job Initiative Scheme, which is a programme run by FÁS that provides full-time employment for people 35 years of age or over who have been unemployed for 5 years or more.  The Job Initiative Scheme participants in the City Council undertake a range of environmental improvement projects and maintenance works in Parks and Housing areas throughout Cork City.  Emphasis is placed on providing valuable employment experience and training for the participants with the objective of progression to full time employment.