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Social and Affordable Housing Action Plan 2004 – 2008

The Minister for the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government has directed local authorities to prepare comprehensive Action Plans for Social and Affordable Housing to cover the period 2004-2008. As well as setting out the proposals of the local authority for the provision of new housing within this period, the Plans are also required to deal with the regeneration, maintenance and management of the existing stock and address provision by the voluntary and co-operative housing sector.

The requirement to prepare these Action Plans comes against the background of the Government’s decision in Budget 2004 to provide a more structured and planned approach to capital spending by the introduction of rolling five year multi-annual envelopes for all investment areas. In relation to housing, this approach will build on the experiences from the last multi-annual Housing Construction Programme, which covered the period 2000-2003.

The Action Plans represent a natural follow-on to the Housing Strategies prepared and adopted by local authorities under the Planning and Development Acts, 2000-2002. It will provide a framework for the integrated and cohesive planning and delivery of specific social and affordable housing measures to meet needs identified in the relevant Housing Strategy.

Cork City Council’s Social & Affordable Housing Action Plan 2004-2008 envisages Capital Expenditure of €632 million over a five-year period with the delivery of approximately 3000 no. units of accommodation for both Social and Affordable Housing. During the same period it is anticipated that approximately 3,924 families will be housed by the City Council.

Major refurbishment of Housing Stock in Knocknaheeny and The Glen, Sunvalley Drive and Cushing Place is catered for in the Plan. The decanting and re-development of Deanrock Flats is also included.

A shift from Response to Planned Maintenance is provided for also. The strengthening of Estate Management with an emphasis on dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour and other Housing Management issues will be undertaken during the lifetime of the Plan.

Detailed discussions have taken place with the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government with regard to the targets in this Plan.

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