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CAS Call for Proposals 2015 - 2017

Capital Assistance Scheme

The Department of the Environment Community and Local Government has announced its 'Call for Proposals' under the Capital Assistance Scheme for the period of 2015 - 2017. Circular Housing 15 of 2015‌‌

The funding available will facilitate the advancement of significant construction programmes and/or the acquisition of built properties where suitable.  Proposed Developments must refelct actual housing need as identified in the latest housing needs assessment, be cost effective, sustainable and geared towards meeting the Governments committment to homeless persons, older people and people with a disability.  Priority will be given to more modest developments of 10 - 16 dwellings, except in larger urban areas, where slightly larger developments may be appropriate.

Cork City Council now invites Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs) to submit cost effective and sustainable proposals.  Only those AHBs who have signed up to the Voluntary Regulation Code will be eligible under this CAS CAll for proposals.  Please complete the attached formCall for Proposals Form 2015‌ ‌ and submit in writing to:

Ms Barbara Creed, Administrative Officer, Housing Capital, Cork City Council, Anglesea St. Cork.

The Closing Date for proposals is April 10th 2015.


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